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Tonight I am crabby. I haven’t worked out in over a week, I’m tired from the first week transitioning into my new job location and my husband was annoying me. I probably unnecessarily snapped at him, but, for the record, he really was being annoying. Anyway, it’s late now and I was thinking of going to sleep but some of my husbands relatives stopped over at my house (which is totally normal and acceptable in their culture) which means I don’t really feel like I can actually go to bed, but I will sit and “work” on the computer after the compulsory 5-minute chit-chat to leave them conversing in Spanish.

So, I did a little surfing on, checked my friends’ blogs, and then discovered at the top of all blogspot pages a button titled “Next Blog.” Intrigued, I clicked away. The first blog I was randomly transported to was that of a insomniac Persian-Canadian girl studying in London who describes herself as very opinionated. Unfortunately I didn’t get to find many of her opinions on the blog. The second blog was titled Urban-Cinderella, written by a 14-year-old from Singapore who goes to “like, the suckiest school ever.” The third blog led me to a Spanish-language blog, except the Spanish isn’t the Mexican Spanish I am accustomed to, and there aren’t any entries, just some headings, so I think this one’s in progress. (So far, this has been a very international experience however). The fourth blog hails from Hong Kong, and is basically all in Chinese, so I’m not going to be able to discover anything here either. My fifth destination is completely in French and boasts a large picture of Charlie Chaplin at the top of the page. The sixth blog is by far the least interesting but more what I was expecting from my blogsearch: Tim Gallo sells medical equipment and he has a blog apparently to advertise that fact. The seventh and final hit is in English but is completely incomprehensible. The most recent blog contains a 1960s-looking yearbook shot of a clean-cut white kid with the caption: “This man looks as if he has an insatiable desire for cheese, but not the funds to pay for it. Note: sloppy collar.” Enough said about that one. If there is a moral to this blog-surfing adventure is that you’ve got to jump a lot of blogs to find a true gem.



One Response to blog surfing

  1. Mary says:

    laura – good thoughts. i love to read your writing again 🙂 not the same as the cardinal, but very wonderful nonetheless. anyhow, real quick – are you, me and erin getting together some weekend in november? call me and we’ll figure it out!!
    btw, thanks for help with directions the other night – it was a bit crazy in the car and i was so HAPPY to hear your voice. ok, xoxo.

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