Ahh.. my computer doesn’t work. I’ve never had a computer “crash” before but it appears that my computer has crashed. No word yet on whether I will have the 4.5 years of data saved on there when it returns to life, but right now I can’t get past booting up. I will not be able to write any meaningful thought-provoking blogs from the Qdoba office unfortunately, but don’t stop checking back.. as soon as I can I will write again.

Before I go, I was thinking about a borderline morbid but interesting fact today, and I’m going to make it a little game.

Interesting morbid fact: I have been in two of the exact locations where the earthquake/tsunami crisis happened the other day.
Game: Do you know which ones precisely? (including city or state name) Comment to answer. First correct answer gets something special from me. =)


2 Responses to crash

  1. Jack says:

    Ok, Laura. I believe the two countries are India and Thailand. In India the city is Chennai, which I know you visited and I know has seen damage. In Thailand I’m not sure which cities you visited, but I do remember you were on the coast, so I will guess Phang Nga.

  2. mike says:


    very nice looking blog! Very inspiring writing…

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