life or something like it

I haven’t felt very inspired lately. I’ve been reading and painting (walls) and working and sleeping and eating and not feeling all that motivated to write. My boss was fired the other day, which confirmed that my new company is almost as crazy as the last place I worked for. Restaurants are, by definition, unstable, but I have seen some crazy stuff in just six months with my current employer. I guess I’m quickly becoming disillusioned with corporations. I like my job because of the people and I enjoy business but there is something really shady about a few executives making hundreds of thousands or millions a year on restaurants while paying all the people who actually do the work in the restaurants as close to minimum wage as they possibly can. Then there are us managers. They pay us as little as possible too and when they don’t want to pay us our proper bonuses they just indiscriminately raise the sales goals or begin failing us on our audits for things they have never mentioned before. It’s all great.

Well, I’m pretty cynical lately, which has lead to me thinking, again, about what to do with my life. I will probably do many things in my life, but here are a few things I would like to do:
1 – be a travel agent – free trips, helping people plan vacations, organization!
2 – be a writer – we’ve been over this one before – I would like to write non-fiction stories about things going on around the world, perhaps a memoir and then, maybe fiction
3 – run my own restaurant – this would definitely be ethnic food, perhaps Mexican or Chinese and it would definitely be both healthy and really good – I would also have the best staff and everyone would love working for me =)
4 – work in retail – I think this is a great job to have when you are furnishing a house – discounts – also, it’s like restaurants without the food aspect
5 – be an immigration lawyer – help lots of people that don’t have the resources or knowledge to deal with their situations here

Those are just a few of the more recent ones. Who knows what will really happen?


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