cafe time

Today I decided to check out this nearby cafe I had heard about. The owner is the mother of a great new employee at the restaurant I manage. This girl, Emma, totally reminds me of this awesome friend of mine my last few years of college – Danielle – and when she told me she had helped her mom set up and open a restaurant a few years ago, I was intrigued. Then I looked up the place online and found it was a well-reviewed lunch spot right near the headquarters of Miller and a big Harley-Davidson plant.

I headed out to Highland Park Pies and Cafe and was greeted by the very friendly Maureen, who I soon found out was Emma’s mom. She was very outgoing and encouraged me to check out the restaurant, which she just referred to as “the house,” and indeed it was. Actually it’s a very unique place for Milwaukee–an old bungalow restored with ecletic decor featuring some fabulous local photography. The place had the buzz of a good community spot and Maureen frequently walked around to chat with customers. She’s the type of person who calls everyone “honey” in a really sweet way and clearly knows the faces, if not names, of most of her customers. I was impressed.

But enough of the restaurant review. Maureen came over to ask how everything was we started talking about how she had opened up the cafe and how risky and exciting and worthwhile it is to start your own business, or do whatever you really want to do. It was funny because lately I have been thinking more than normal about really doing something I will love in my life. I like what I do but I would love to open my own business, be my own boss, start something where I can set the standards and expectations. I would love to have a place that brings a neighborhood together like Maureen’s. There are other things I can see mysef doing too, but I have no patience for planning. I suck at saving money and without something to invest, I can’t think about leaving my little corporate world.

I need to learn to live better today in order to prepare for tomorrow.


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