la primavera

Honestly, where did we start using the word “spring” for this beautiful season? Primavera is a lot better. And I bet the word in Italian is also a lot better. I am pretty sure the Chinese word, although it wouldnt’ really sound as nice to our English-speaking ear, is much better in it’s own cultural context. Spring to me is a piece of metal shaped like a coil, or something to do with a trampoline, but it just doesn’t evoke feelings of peace and life and beauty, like it’s meaning.

The weather has been getting sufficiently warm some days to do some early tanning, my favorite spring pastime. This is the time of year that I miss being a student most. I can’t tell you how many afternoons I spent at Library Mall or on Bascom Hill just relaxing and enjoying a book or a nap in the warm, sunny, but not yet humid air. Some of those days I skipped class, just to keep my sanity and feel alive and healthy in a world of textbooks, lecture, exams. I don’t regret that at all.

Now, in a new stage of life, with house, husband and full-time job I am much more restricted in my free time. I have been itching for one of my days off to fall on one of these fantastic spring days and today was my lucky day. But instead of just laying out with my sunglasses and book I pulled weeds, threw down some grass seed and made my first attempt at planting herbs from seed. I really honestly don’t know what I am doing with the gardening, but I am learning and I hope that in ten years I will be at least passable at having a garden.

I would have to say I really enjoy this busier yet more responsible life I now live. Hanging out outside for the sake of doing it is great, but gardening or cleaning up the yard or working around the house gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Then it’s time to have a beer, perhaps watch a movie, or read a book. Life is good.


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