My first day as a General Manager in a store that really just needs a lot of leadership. I’ve just worked a 14 hour day after working a 13 hour day, so I am tired. But other than the exhaustion and dull headache, I feel good, accomplished. I think we made progress even in one day.

Sunday evening was my last shift at the store where I was previously. It was sad turning off that open sign the last time, watching my employees effortlessly and thoughtlessly do their jobs with little motivation or direction needed. We played loud Juanes pop in the lobby after close as I finished my paperwork and they finished their cleaning. It’s great to be comfortable.

When my new store opened today I felt like I hadn’t had a second to even think about the day. Our time was spent in the morning searching for missing invoices, correcting a very messed up inventory and sifting through seriously piles and piles of crap that the former GM somehow managed to work in. Someone made a joke that we are going to start building little forts out of all the extra paper and plastic stuff cluttering the restaurant. Lunch went pretty well considering. Customers seemed happy although just a few days prior at the same store the cooks ran out of cooked chicken, steak, sirloin and rice – which basically eliminates 80% of our menu potential.

I’ve got work to do, but it’s good. My assistant is awesome and I’ve got a few diamonds in the rough as far as staff goes. Hopefully I won’t have to work 5 hours late tomorrow.

Time. for.. sleep…


3 Responses to transitions

  1. Mary says:

    i like hearing about the restaurant business, laura. there’s so much more involved and so much more responsibility than even i imagined (and i’ve imagined quite a bit).

    sounds like you’re doing really well at this. i’m excited to see you really take off with this.

  2. Laura says:

    thanks mary… I’m amazed that my friends and readers are so interested. I mean, I find it interesting so why not others. I like hearing about other people’s jobs though, I am interested in office politics and the workings of the corporate world, in a sort of disdained “can you believe that??!” sort of way.

  3. Jack says:

    Enjoy, Laura – it looks to me like they’ve hired the right person for the job.–>

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