This has been a crazy as heck week. I’ve learned a lot in a short time. I’ve been put in situations outside my comfort zone and forced to confront my hesitations and fears about confrontation. I’ve had to hire and fire a few people in my second language.

Tomorrow I have to confront someone about some very minor but nonetheless blatant theft that we proved with our security cameras. I can’t fire her because of a technicality, so I am forced to allow someone I no longer trust to work in my restaurant.

Next week I should get my own business cards. I’m pretty excited about them, I can’t deny it.

My new boss is awesome. Finally, a woman for a boss! It’s so different than having a man for a boss. She actually considers the feelings of people to a certain degree when making decisions and speaking. Plus, she’s just really good, really dedicated, and really helpful. I like her a lot.

I’ve made a new friend in my assistant manager, who I barely knew before I transferred here. He’s actually way more qualified for the job than I am, as he’s been around for several years, and is a really good manager, but he didn’t want the job. I figure some people might be competitive in this situation, but because we’ve been honest about our situations, we can basically make fun of ourselves and attempt to make light of the situation. Our laughter is basically the only link left to our sanity in this place.

You might say my restaurant is teething. It’s alive but persists in a very uncomfortable state. I am struggling to train and manage my staff and still maintain the numbers that are expected of me. There is a lot to do and many days I spend 12 hours there and feel like I have barely scratched the surface of making sure it runs right.

Well, those are just some facts from my life in the past week. I feel void of insightful thoughts tonight, but I had to write.


One Response to rollercoasting

  1. Laura,

    I feel for your inability to fire an employee for just cause. Heck, I remember the first cocktail waitress I fired. We BOTH ended up crying. The same laws that protect all of us today, also make this kind of action impossible. SUX. Maybe we should be a little less protected and allowed to experience a little more old fashioned justice?

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