spring maybe

It seems like just days ago my Mexican sister-in-law was commenting how back home everything would be so green by now, and it was still so grey and brown around here. No leaves on the trees – just a hint of buds – nothing but a few early daffodils blooming. But today, it was radiant outdoors. Perfumes of flowering trees are wafting in the streets, pinks and yellows and reds speckling lawns and porches, and the trees have beautiful new green leaves. It’s so sudden. Spring strikes, and it’s great. I never appreciated spring like I do this year, aching to get out into my baby garden and patting myself on the back for at least a few successful tulips. In the whirlwind of hours, activity and labor that is my job right now, it’s great to have the green beauty of spring and the solace of home to look forward to at the end of the day, whenever that might be.


One Response to spring maybe

  1. Mary says:

    my dear laura, please update your blog!!!

    also, are you coming to visit soon? i feel like it’s been forever since i’ve seen you. i’ll call you later this week and catch up with you, though i know you’ve been busy with work.

    you’re still game for the lauryn hill concert on the 24th right? otr will be playing on the 25th. want to stick around for the weekend and get tickets for that too?

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