before the weekend

My weekend started last night at 9 pm and I was pretty happy about it. Two and a half days away from work sounds fabulous. When you work in the restaurant business for a while, you start to appreciate the concept of weekends a lot more. I can’t take two days off in a row in any one week usually, just because the business keeps going through the weekends of course. In one way I don’t mind my hours, sometimes I go in at 10 or 2 in the afternoon, but on the other hand, it’s much harder to schedule family or social events when you work a lot of nights, etc. And some people get this shocked look on their face when you say you have to work Sunday, like they feel sorry for you and it’s some great hardship. I don’t know, but a Tuesday off can be just as glorious as a Sunday, as long as you have some decent weather and a few relaxing things to do.

Anyway, this weekend I am going away to Chicago for a little reunion among my friends. I’m real excited about it. I haven’t seen most of these girls in months, and it’s especially sweet to see them all together. We had planned to eat at the legendary Joy Yees in Chinatown but Allan informed us that they are apparently closed down because of so-called “rodents and pestilence.” Serious, rodents and pestilence aside, that place is amazing, and forgive me for saying this, but some of the best food comes from some of the er, less clean places of the world, so I don’t know what the big deal is.

To totally change the subject, does anyone know if 10-foot sunflowers are normal? I planted these sunflower seeds around the edge of my little backyard vegetable garden, thinking that they would make a nice border. I swear the package said they would be six feet tall. And they are really like ten feet tall. The flowers are almost ready to rest on top of my garage. Seriously, they are really big. The stem of one of them is almost like a small tree. I think, when they die, I can use the stalks for fire wood, it’s crazy.

Well, with that, I think I’ll be off to get ready for my Chicago weekend, see you all soon.


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