news of the days

I am definitely a news reader, but typically the big national stories, usually covered the same way over and over again, do not grab my interest. Too often they deal with celebrities or political maneuverings or sometimes, I just can’t read about stuff because it makes me feel shameful to be a citizen of this country. How many suicide bombings in Iraq can we stand to see – knowing that without our presence there, these people would not have died. How much cronyism and conflict of interest leading to economic benefits for the rich in our country can we read without becoming cynical?

It’s a much different story of course, but the hurricane has occupied a lot of my reading, radio listening, and tv watching time in the last week or so. It’s devastating and emotional to see what’s going on, but I also have enjoyed reading and watching the fruits of journalists doing real journalism – interviewing, investigating, commenting, experiencing and describing the events in the South. There’s been so much good commentary on NPR and so many good articles on the New York Times and other papers, I thought I would post links to some of them here:

  • Uprooted

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