more blog contest

Just a reminder, please vote for me with any and all of your e-mail addresses at the MKE Online site. For some extra entertainment, I got a shout out on the blog of one of my competitors, an apparent food maniac from Milwaukee. If you link here you will have to scroll down two posts until you get to the blog of the week post where he reviews, in his own way, his competition. Again, please take a second and vote for me. Muchas Gracias!

In other news, just below is a pretty new post. More when I get some sleep.


5 Responses to more blog contest

  1. Jen J says:

    Laura! Congrats on the Blog Award! So now that you have crushed and humiliated your opponents like Hulk Hogan throwing down a challenger in a fit of steroidal rage, what do you plan to do?

    Let’s bake cookies!

    Seriously, let’s get the oven going, girl. I would love to plan a date for everyone (?) to meet and bake and eat and (maybe?) sled and watch movies. But I suppose this is the stuff of emails, not blogs. Sorry.

    In other news–Wow. I can’t believe you have to cover all of your worker’s shifts. Can I lend you a tent and/or sleeping bag? Since you are the manager, you could just set up camp in the dining room. That way you won’t have to drive for your 20 minute night’s sleep before heading off for your next shift. We just bought a $30 fake Christmas tree (it actually looks better than I anticipated, though for $30 my standards were admittedly low)… I could pick up a few more to really get the camping ambiance going. Of course, they have an unremovable net of lights tied on, so nature will be needing an extension cord. Anyway, let me know.

  2. Jen J says:

    And by the way, your bread was FANTASTIC!

    I want to ply my Grams for her bread recipes too (sweet rolls and coffee cake–hot damn!). If we combine our knowledge we could be unstoppable… Unstoppable!!

    Ah hah hah hah hah!

  3. allan says:

    seriously Laura I’ve voted for you like 58 times now. Win already!!!

  4. Laura says:

    Can I say, LOL, just a like a middle-school text messanger would? Yes, that is what I am doing after reading both your guys’ comments.

    J – I would love a bread or cookie baking date – perhaps the Ber…Finesilver friend would enjoy?

    I can’t believe you bought a fake tree.. what gives? I am a tree snob and I buy realy pine, with scent, falling needles to vacuum and water to fill. None of this plastic tree garbage for me. =)

    We’ll more about my Christmas tree after I get it.

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