my friend Jenny

I got a strange e-mail the other day from my friend of nearly 15 years, Ms. Jennifer Janscha. The e-mail said that she had mistakenly received something that had belonged to me. It was quite mysterious, as Jenny and I had been roommates but that ended two years ago and it was quite odd that our addresses would somehow have gotten crossed now. Anyway, she said she might stop by my restaurant to bring the aforementioned item to me.

Most of you regular readers know that I won the MKE Online weekly blog contest a few weeks ago. No big deal, there was no prize or anything, perhaps just a few new readers and a little recognition.

Well, back to Jenny. She stopped in the other day to bring her the mysterious item that had been sent to her, which happened to be a red and gold trophy, much like the tens of soccer and bowling trophies belonging to my brother and father, respectively. But this trophy was topped with a gold-colored plastic figurine of a cowboy riding a bull, and the plaque at the botton read: “First Place Blog: Way To Tame The Competition – 2005.” Jenny pulls this thing out and says she got it in the mail, and after a few probing questions, she is forced to say “well, I ordered it.”

What a funny girl, who would go online and order a tacky trophy just for kicks and fun for a friend who won an inconsequential blog contest. This is just her style and wacky sense of humor though, and it never ceases to surprise me in the occasional quirky way.


4 Responses to my friend Jenny

  1. Mary says:

    yay!!! i was wondering when you were gonna get that.

    post a picture of it already!

  2. Jack says:

    That sounds like a great trophy, Laura! I’d like to see the picture posted also.

  3. Laura says:

    Dad – maybe I can come use your digital camera for that. =)

  4. Adrianne says:

    I love Jenny.

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