look I’m famous and I should be exercising

So, I should not be blogging right now. I worked 11-8 today (and it wasn’t horrible, perhaps because I got a call from a recruiter from acompany that I am somewhat interested in this morning) and at about 6 pm consumed the first caffeine of my day, making me very awake right now. My house is a mess, there is nothing on tv to even slightly capture my interest, and I should not be sitting on the couch with laptop on lap, writing.

But just give me five minutes to chat. I made it, terrible photo and all, into MKE magazine again, however, I am a movie reviewer this time. This weekend I went to see “Brokeback Mountain” for my first assignment. I headed down to the Oriental Theatre on the east side by myself as I had to work immediately afterwards and didn’t really have anyone to go with anyway. It was a great movie.

It was fun to go to a Sunday matinee on the east side by myself. There were lots of loners like me there, and I got to eat a $3.00 bag of popcorn all by myself. Thrills. But besides that I really do enjoy going to movies, and all the better when I don’t have to pay for the ticket.

My husband got me an exercise ball for my birthday, which I totally wanted. I’ve decided that some of my favorite exercises will be sitting on the ball eating pitas with hummus (or other snacks) and sitting on the ball watching Mexican telenovelas. No, really, I am really going to try and exercise more.

Well, this is more randomness than I have posted for a while, so I think I’ll straighten up all of my crap now, perhaps fold the laundry that’s been sitting in the basket for three days and then maybe I’ll sit on that ball while I drink some tea and chat with Fermin.


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