northern room

Friends, I don’t have anything new to report tonight, but I do have some cool news about an old K-12 schoolmate of mine. Milwaukee’s 94 WKTI recently staged a contest for a local band to win the chance to open for Bon Jovi in their Jan. 28th concert at the Bradley Center. I found out today, that my elementary school crush and high school/college friend’s new band won that contest – they will be playing in front of Bon Jovi in a week – so fabulous. Anyway, Andrew Jonathan (he apparently scrapped his youthful nickname A.J.) is the lead singer of
Northern Room and their first EP comes out in a week. If you link to their site it will automatically play some of their stuff. I think they sound fabulous.

I just remembered something funny. When we were in high school I remember being in Spanish class and A.J. was talking to this goofy, class-clown sort about starting a band they were going to call Glass Rose. It was pretty funny. Later A.J. started a band (whose original name I shamefully cannot remember right now) that later morphed into Jacobstone, who I always thought were quite good. Now there is Northern Room. I also remember thinking in high school that one day when A.J. was famous I was going to get to claim that I had known him when he was a kid. I think I’m one step closer to having that dream come true.


5 Responses to northern room

  1. Adam Bruss says:

    The original name of AJ’s band was Vintage.

  2. Adrianne says:

    Adam Bruss? I didn’t realize you were groupie.

  3. Laura says:

    Ha! Adam, you are right, Vintage, but it is funny that you remember that!

  4. erin says:

    Yeah! I just heard about the Bon Jovi opener too…sweet. 🙂 I’ve heard them play a couple of times in the last year or so, or rather heard AJ and portions of the band…and I must agree that they are quite good. Fun that you can claim kidnergarten connections, Laura…

  5. Adam Bruss says:

    Strangely, memories of AJ’s band seemed to randomly pop into my head a few days before I read this. I was wondering if he was still in the music business, and if so, how it was going.

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