weekend getaway

I have been having a helluva time at work the last few weeks, safe to say my stress level has been skyrocketing. All this means decreased hand-eye coordination (ie. dropping things, lots of thing), poor eating (work 10-12 hours with one quick meal break and then stop for junk food before going home at 8:00 pm) and less time doing things I enjoy. I am seriously looking for another job and not finding anything. I have had some interviews but although I think my experience is somewhat significant, it doesn’t exactly qualify me for anything non-restaurant-related. I really, really want to get away from food and low-wage workers and really demanding corporate rules for a while.

Last week I joked that I was going crazy a lot. I’m probably not really, but the stress was really getting to me. Luckily my friends were unknowingly to the rescue, unearthing an old plan to have a weekend away this past. Brilliant idea ladies. First I thought I had to work Saturday, so we were going to hang out in Milwaukee, but stay in a hotel instead of at mine or Jen’s house. Then, Mary found this fabulous deal at the swanky Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, and I got permission to take Saturday off. We had a two-bedroom, two-bathroom suite complete with balcony and lake view (far too cold to enjoy but worth mentioning), whirlpool tub, kitchen and access to a nice pool and hot tub.

Basically, we did nothing all weekend but hang out, eat, read, talk and enjoy the occasional cocktail, but it was perfect. I tried to make all the jittery, stressed-out parts of myself calm down with reading, relaxing and being away. More than ever I have the feeling that I am far too selfish and uncaring of a person to have friends like I have. With all my cynicism, I struggled this weekend to have much good to say about life, even though I would be quite happy save my job, and that’s a huge part of my life. Anyway Erin, Mary and Jen listened like always they do.

I spent some time this weekend analyzing why I might be having all these issues. Am I incompetent to do my job without being in a constant state of high-stress, or are there some expectations that the average person cannot live up to at work? I’ll have to save that for another post. I have another stress headache after a not terrible but not good day at work. Here’s to another week.

2 Responses to weekend getaway

  1. Mary says:

    what a weekend. thanks to your boss for letting you take off saturday.

    i’ll avoid listing off all the reasons why i love you so much here, but suffice it to say, you are a GOOD friend, laura. and i feel really happy to do life with you. the good, the bad, what have you.

    i’m anxious to see what the next year brings for us both …

  2. Rachel says:

    Hey Laura,

    Sorry about all the stress at work… one of your last sentences reminded me of a book I just read for one of my classes (College Student Development) called “In Over Our Heads” by Kegan. He basically argues that society places mental demands on people today that they are cognitively ill-equipped to handle (and we should change college curricula accordingly). It actually wasn’t that good of a read–why can no one at Harvard write? But anyway, interesting concept.

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