one step closer… to a new job?

Some of you have expressed some interest in my job search – probably in order to avoid more ranting posts about the restaurant industry. Believe me, I understand; I’m way tired of talking about it. Anyway, my interview the other day went great. I got to meet with the customer service supervisor, as well as the other women who have the same position I am applying for, as well as some other people at the company. They were all great. I still don’t want to go into lots of details in case I don’t get it and then feel dumb and more disappointed that I blogged in detail about it… but, I did get a call back today, and next Wednesday I am going to meet with one of the owners who deals with their international business side (where I would be working). Very exciting. For now, I’m sitting down with some lava cake (first time, so delicious!!!) from my husband’s restaurant, a glass of riesling (not my first time) and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (the movie, first time). Thanks for all your good thoughts this week.


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