briefly exploring a new city

I’m leaving for New Orleans tomorrow with my mom for the New Orleans Jazz Festival. This whole trip started when my mom asked me if I wanted to see Bob Dylan with her this year. It eventually morphed into a four-day trip to post-Katrina New Orleans for their annual music and culture festival. I’ve never been to New Orleans and heading there after a hurricane is right up my alley, as I’m more inclined toward interesting places and people than their touristy counterparts. I don’t know if that makes sense, but anyone reading this probably knows what I mean. I’ve never wanted to go to New Orleans particularly, I’m not a partier and I don’t really like bars, but it will be interesting to see it now, maybe that’s demented in one way, but I hope I at least get to talk to some locals with some interesting experiences. I am looking forward to getting away for a few days, then heading back to my last four days at Qdoba. I told my assistant manager and shift supervisor today that I am leaving, so that was a bit hard but good, and I feel a bit of a weight lifted. By the time I get back it will probably have spread around to the rest of the staff, not how I would have chosen it but there really wasn’t any other way. See you all in a few days.


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