official excitement

So, I was thinking generally about whether I was going to post about my new job, which will eventually cease being new and just become rather mundane and normal. No one at Qdoba knew about my secret blogging life until I left, which was good, because it sure was a good place for me to sound off about my frustrations sans ramifications.

One of the delights of my new job is having my own computer–nobody uses it but me. During breaks, I can check my e-mail, write a blog, read something on Yelp, the New York Times, whatever. This is normal for many people I realize, but it’s beauty after sharing a tiny office crowded with tools, menus, a safe, files, clipboards, other people’s stuff and assorted clutter for the past few years. Not to mention the fact that we were not allowed to use the internet for personal use ever. I obviously broke that rule here and there, totally confident that I wasn’t going to end up infecting the computer with some crazy virus, but there was always a chance that someone would pop in through PC Anywhere and see me on ((gasp!!)) google or the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website.

Back to my original topic though, I don’t know what there is or will be to write about my job, and if I were to allow my new co-workers into my blog-world, I obviously would forever be very careful about what I write. I’m relentlessly observant, so even as I have been studying vaccines the last few days, I can’t help eavesdropping on the other girl’s customer calls and conversations, and it just seems that people get along well, do a good job and generally enjoy their jobs. It just doesn’t seem like an environment rife with blog-worthy action.

Wait, I mean, oh my God, the accounts payable lady has a row of singing stuffed animals lined up on file cabinet and she turned them all on to sing and dance this afternoon! I also learned we have casual Fridays today. Those were basically the exciting pieces of the day. Nonetheless, I am starting to adust to sitting and taking real breaks and working in a quiet, laid-back atmosphere.

If work doesn’t end up being a major source of fodder for my blogs, I will be forced to spend more time creating content from what’s inside of me, not what’s around me from 8-5. It’s really late. It’s the first week and I am already breaking my new early bedtime by 1.5 hours. Guess what though, it’s probably because I worked at Qdoba tonight, not my old Qdoba, but a different one where I am helping out two times per week. It was very relaxing in a way, to know exactly what I was doing and also not have the responsibility of the store on my shoulders, at least not beyond the shift.

Time for bed. Tomorrow me and my partner in newness and crime get to work in the warehouse with the guy who ships all the vaccines. Apparently it’s a nightmare between keeping some things at room temp, some frozen and others cooled. It’ll be crazy!


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