a break from politics for a little jaunt in my neighborhood

I had big plans for my evening. I had planned to head straight down to a new Alterra Coffee I heard had opened in the trendy fifth ward, to park myself with my laptop and work on my Journal Sentinel submissions. But when I left work in southwestern Waukesha I didn’t feel like driving all the way back yet, and it was such a nice afternoon.

I have said this before, but I adore the sky. Clouds are my favorite thing to behold in all creation. Forgive me sounding lofty and near-religious here, but sometimes when I look at the sky I want to cry. I was reading the blog of a new friend of mine who I was oddly connected to through the web, and she had mentioned in her standard "100 things about me" piece that when she drives on bridges over large bodies of water, she cries. I was struck by the fact that I have also had this experience. Last fall when I was driving on the east coast I crossed some gorgeous river scenery via large, stately bridges, and I teared up. There was something magical about those few moments, suspended over all that water, above and between beautiful things, between nature, technology, and engineering. I have that same sort of religious experience when I see a great sky, blue and pink and yellow and gray, many interesting clouds filling the view. I don’t care what the names of the cloud are, I just love that they are beautiful.

Tonight a rainbow formed in front of dark storm clouds which half-blocked the view of a sunlit, cloud-laced spring sky. It rained on and off, and I couldn't decide what to do, so I drove around. I took a longer way home and then toured around my newest Milwaukee fascination, the Village of Greendale, which I now consider my dream quasi-suburb. More on Greendale later, but when I headed home, I consdering Alterra again, then changed into work-out attire, then decided it was too humid in the house to work out for another hour, and then found the perfect spot outside in the adirondack chair, laptop picking up the wireless signal from inside, typing and enjoying the last few hours of tonight's beautiful sky. 


One Response to a break from politics for a little jaunt in my neighborhood

  1. lois bruss says:

    Thanks for shraing your thoughts. Tears come to me sometimes when listening to music & not just to my favorites. They’re tears of joy.

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