thoughts on two subjects

I found out I will be writing about once per month for the Journal Sentinel. There will be 25 Community Columnists and one of them is published on the editorial page every day except Sunday. We are to write mainly about state and local issues with the occasional national and international piece thrown in.

I’m not sure if we pick our own subjects or if there are guidelines on that yet, but I am really excited. I will be paid “a pittance,” $25 per column, although I would happily do it for free. I have to go in later this week to get a head shot taken and my biggest fear is probably to look really bad for the photo. Later on when I am home I will post the articles I submitted on a separate page that will be on the links column under Pages. To be honest, they aren’t my best work, but since some of you requested, I will post them for a while.

O. Ricardo Pimentel (I love that name!), Editorial Page Editor for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, told me that among the 140 submissions received, there was a high level of competition and my submissions fared very well. Albeit, I do have a journalism degree and wrote columns at once or twice per week for a year at the Daily Cardinal, so it’s not quite fair, but I was still pleased. He said they look forward to working with me. As do I with them.


Changing the subject, I read a column by Maureen Dowd today that aptly stated my dislike for George W. Bush. I don’t think she’s especially mean or caustic here, but I think what she states is so true of Bush’s aggravating ability to never waver from the things he says, good, bad, right, wrong or ridiculous. Re: the Middle East conflicts in Iraq and Lebanon, from the New York Times, from July 26, 2006, “The Immutable Bush.”

“The more things get complicated, the more W. feels vindicated in his own simplified vision. The more people try to tell him that it’s not easy, that this is a region of shifting alliances and interests, the less he seems inclined to develop an adroit policy to win people over to our side instead of trying to annihilate them.

Bill Clinton, the Mutable Man par excellence, evolved four times a day; he had a tactical and even recreational attitude toward personal change. But W. prides himself on his changelessness and regards his immutability as the surest sign of his virtue. Facing a map on fire, he sees any inkling of change as the slippery slope to failure.

That’s what’s so frustrating about watching him deal — or not deal — with Iraq and Lebanon. There’s almost nothing to watch.

It’s not even like watching paint dry, since that, too, is a passage from one state to another. It’s like watching dry paint.”

Amen Ms. Dowd.


3 Responses to thoughts on two subjects

  1. Jack says:

    I look forward very much to reading your columns in the Journal, Laura. Congratulations again.

    I can only hope that you write with more honesty and less rancor than the hate mongering Ms Dowd. She’s the Ann Coulter of the left, but without the humor. Allow me to insert my comments regarding the article you quote above:

    1. “The more people try to tell him it’s not easy, the less he ……” George W stated on the evening of 9/11/01 that the war on terror would NOT be easy or short. He said it would be a long hard struggle – I listened,and I heard him. The left conveniently omits that in their efforts to paint him as an idiot.

    2. “an adroit policy to win people over to our side instead of trying to annihilate them”. If the Bill Clinton Ms Dowd was so enamored with was so good at winning people over to our side, why did 9/11 happen just after he left office? And just who is it that George W is trying to annililate except those who intentionally slaughter civilians to achieve their twisted goals?

    3. I agree that Bill Clinton evolved “4 times a day”, but he did it because of a lack of core convictions and a deep held desire to make himself popular with the most people possible.

    4. Then she talks about Bush not dealing with Iraq?? Huh?? She must have gotten George confused with Bill on that one, as it was Bill who did nothing about terrorism in his 8 years in office. I don’t blame Clinton for 9/11, but no thinking person can help wondering that if Bill had shown some backbone at any of the several opportunities he had in his 8 years, then maybe things wouldn’t be so bad today.

    Anyway, good luck on the Journal columns, and I can’t wait to see your name on the byline.

  2. lois bruss says:

    Laura – I’m so happy this opportunity has come up for you. Mom

  3. wpeiug43 says:

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