If you are interested, check here for blips on all the community columnist for the 2006-2007 rotation. It’s not highly exciting, but there are some interesting-sounding people. More soon..


2 Responses to intros

  1. Braden says:

    A very interesting set of columnists! You will, I assume, keep the reading public fully informed of when your column will appear?

    Also, I think it should be your goal to get into a public spat with Bonnie from Waukesha. You know, make an example of Bonnie to the other columnists so that they know you’re not playing Queensbury rules!

    What you really want is water-cooler gossip that will sound something like this, “Did you read what that Laura Fernandez wrote about Bonnie? I bet she’s glad she’s retired!”

    All joking aside, very cool and I am looking forward to your first JS foray!

  2. laurafern says:

    I was told that because I am a Journal-Sentinel freelancer that I own my columns, so I can reprint them on my blog. I may just include a link, we’ll see, but for sure my blog-readership will know.

    I was thinking I would also like to go after Steven Richard Pigeon too, just because, well, who doesn’t want to go after a guy with that name?

    Anyway, thanks for the support. I just turned in my first column. I think it will run next week, but it depends. We are supposed to be turning them in this week but there are 24 columnists, so it depends on how they select who will run each day.

    We definitely can choose our own subjects and are supposed to write on mostly local and state issues, so I will have to work on that, but we can also write national and international if we can connect it to a local angle. They want us to read the opinion page every day so we don’t repeat the same basic opinions on the same topic, and sometimes the editor may contact us to write on a particular newsy topic.

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