I have little mental energy to devote to my blog right now, which I hope will change as soon as I get this damn hardship letter done. I self-imposed Friday (tomorrow) as a deadline, but then I got advice from my friends at immigrate2us.net who said I should get an overseas health insurance quote, a letter from my dad’s doctor and more documentation about the danger I would be in living in Mexico. Friday, therefore, is probably not going to work, but definitely next week.

My letter is approaching eight pages with at least 50 of documentation so far. Because our hardships are lame, I am relying on documentation, but I have met other people in similar situations, so it could be okay. I really just want it to be done, FedEx-ed and out of my hands, accompanied by an estimated wait of six to nine months.

A few people have asked me if Fermin is back yet, or if there is any change or any progress. Please stop asking me this. He has been gone for two weeks and we’re now estimating three-quarters of a year. I will really be irritable if everyone close to me asks me if there is any progress every few weeks. It’s not helpful for my sanity.

The fact that I have been sick enough to have to miss work three times in the past four months is also not working out well. (I can only remember being sick enough to miss a shift at the restaurant once in the past four years!!!) I’ve now taken a total of four days of vacation and I only get ten this year. My half-brother is getting married in Jamaica in October for which I am taking three days off.

That leaves me three vacation days until next May, and I am at least going to Mexico for a week in December, which leaves me at negative two days of vacation. They don’t really mind if you use the vacation ahead, especially in my situation, but I need to stop getting sick. I’ve finally been exercising regularly, eating pretty well, and the weather is good, but my immune system just seems to be confused.

So, hopefully better news next week. I’m going to visit Erin in Madison this weekend, which will be nice and relaxing. My photography class starts next Thursday, which I am really looking forward to and I’m hoping to go shopping with my little sister Monday. She’s 15!!!




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