random thoughts on a rainy day

I enjoy fall, and I don’t mind the temperature freefall of the last few weeks, but it reeeaaally needs to stop raining.

In other news, I’m going to have a lot of garden “green” waste this year – remnants of tomato, basil, eggplant and pepper plants. Last year I left some of the remains in the ground all winter and it made for very fertile soil this year. To amp it up a notch, I was thinking about composting. It’s actually less complicated than I originally thought, and it will definitely reduce the waste my household currently produces. I did some online research and decided I would buy a big plastic garbage bin, drill some holes and begin this fall. Hopefully by spring I will have many gallons of rich, fertile matter to add to my garden and flower beds.

I’ve also decided to publish a few personal goals that I would like to accomplish during my husband’s 6-9 month absence from the country. I hope posting them here might serve as some motivation to actually get this crap done. In order of importance and timeliness:

1. Finish my hardship letter (within one week).
2. Become more active outside work through exercising and spending more time traveling by bicycle or on foot.
3. Eat less crap and lose 10 pounds.
4. Fully take advantage of my photography and writing classes this fall.
5. Set up a compost bin and actually produce good garden stuff for spring.
6. Paint and fix up my upstairs living area (move all the stuff into the spare room, take off baseboards, paint walls a lighter color, paint baseboards, reattach everything).
7. Rip out the nasty carpet and replace with different carpet or laminate floors.
8. Replace nasty magenta carpet in the spare room and paint the room.

I know this is really random for my blog, but this is really more for myself than my six readers.


3 Responses to random thoughts on a rainy day

  1. Andy says:

    Make that seven readers, at least for today. I started composting a few months ago, but once the novelty wore off, it became just another thing to neglect.

  2. Rachel says:

    Yeah composting! Keep doing it and it will pay off. Just think of it as taking out another form of garbage!
    Also, if you need help painting or ripping up carpeting or anything like that, I am more than happy to help! I love doing that kind of stuff! 🙂

  3. Jack says:

    That goes for me too Laura. Now that I’m a man of leisure, I have time to help you out with home improvement stull.


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