people without people

The above phrase was the description given in my UWM Continuing Eduation photography class for an assignment due next Thursday.

The instructor said the photo could not have people or any part of a person in it, but it had to show any person at any time in any place. Quite cryptic. Had there been no more explanation I might have taken a photo of an image of someone in a mirror or something like that.

However, someone asked for an example and the teacher answered “footprints in the snow,” and gave the example that a photo of a bed made up was not a good example, but a picture of a messed bed that you had just slept in would be.

I thought of pictures of cooking, gardening, my nephew’s toys and the like, but none of these have happened in a way I could photograph them this week.

Then I looked through some of my old photos and found this favorite of mine from the Delaware coast last November or perhaps this photo of Mary and I reflected in the famous metallic Chicago bean. (Sorry for the links, but when I try to upload some of my photos into WordPress they are like thumbnails, not the right size for the page, not sure why some are small and others large).

I know I need to take something original for the class, but I’m sort of stuck on something that is going to translate well to photos that I can take around the house or out somewhere this week.. anyone have any brilliant or not so brilliant ideas?


One Response to people without people

  1. lois bruss says:

    It sounds like the photo for the class should be one taken especially for the assignment. If that wasn’t the case the photo of “Delaware coast last November” would be perfect. It’s great……

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