Consider opportunities at U.S.-Mexico border

The 700-mile fence proposed along the Mexican border could create some new opportunities for the United States (“Congress approves 700-mile border fence,” Sept. 30).

Illegal immigrants entering our country along the Mexican border often pay “coyotes” several thousand dollars to smuggle them in. Why not simply let people walk in legally and charge admission, perhaps $7,000 a head? Just have them fill out a form, take a picture, get fingerprints, give them a green card and send them on their way. If 1 million came through paying $7,000 a head, that would raise $7 billion, which would go a long way to paying for that fence.

Next, I would post signs along the fence that anyone entering the country illegally is agreeing to volunteer for our military. Instead of border control agents, staff the border with military recruiters. It’s a win-win for everyone; military pay and benefits are probably a lot more than immigrants could earn picking tomatoes.

There is nothing for the U.S. to gain by sending people back to Mexico. They should be sent to Iraq to serve our country and provide some relief to our soldiers; those not fit for service should be turned back. When their tour of duty is up, we could provide them with a guest pass to our country as gratitude for their service.

David Livingston

This letter appears in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today – I’m sorry, but is this sick bastard for real? Or is this sarcastic? I honesty cannot tell.


4 Responses to tongue-in-cheek?

  1. xtinatheasiansensation says:

    I want to stab that person in the face.

  2. Jack says:

    This is off the subject, but the 700 mile fence reminds me of a good Jay Leno line I heard last week. He said something like “Congress has just authorized building a 700 mile fence on our 2000 mile border with Mexico.” Then he paused for effect and added “This is what happens when you let President Bush do the math”.

  3. cory says:

    no, no, wait…i’ve got an idea. just put up a sign that says, “you may enter if you agree to become slaves.” but instead of “slaves,” we’ll call them……, nevermind, just go with slaves, they’ll never learn the language anyway.

  4. laurafern says:

    Cory – that’s precisely what I was thinking… where have you been blog slacker anyway?

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