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Spend your lunch doing something fun. I was reading one of my favorite sites, Burnside Writers Collective, and came across this request for readers to send in their top five favorite states of the union.

That took me to this little geography game. I finished it with a score of 82%, an average error of 47 miles and a time of 646 second. Had I realized I was being timed I wouldn’t have been eating a sandwich and flipping between programs while playing. I could have done better. My mouse slipped and I didn’t get Illinois right the first time. Shameful. Also funny how I placed Ohio on the western half of upstate New York, despite being very familiar with the east because of my job.


One Response to play a game

  1. Jack says:

    Drats! I just did the test and got only 80%. However, my average miles error was 47, same as yours, and my time was much better (because I realized I was being timed), 343 seconds, so I should have had a higher score than you. Anyway, it is a fun little test.

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