pause for just a moment

I hate the word busy. I use it all the time, and I hate it every time it comes out of my mouth. What is more cliche than to say one is “busy,” when someone asks how you are? Yet, in English at least, we don’t have a variety of words to use for a state of constant activity spanning a long number of days, weeks, etc.

More than a month ago I agreed to work some extra shifts at Qdoba Thanksgiving week because I didn’t think I would be that busy. Then, my parents informed me that in order to attend their Thanksgiving party I would have to, (gasp!) bring something?! (This is a sign of being a real, independent adult in one’s family). Then, my brother and his new wife announced a wedding reception to be held the Sunday after turkey day. My mom and I have a reputation for making cheesecakes after my own January 2005 wedding reception (for which we made 14 cheesecakes for a little more than 100 people) and surprise! she volunteered (us) to do it again.

So basically this week I work, I bake, I work, work, work and work, I eat turkey (twice), I work and work, I bake a lot, and then Sunday, I get to party. Somewhere in there I also have to do about four loads of laundry, see and review a movie, perhaps take a nap, the usual. I don’t mind being busy, per se, but it always give me a sick feeling when I can look two weeks ahead in my schedule and see that I have nary a free day or evening to have coffee with Sara or read a book or write a column.

The only time I am not busy lately, ironically, is at my day job, which explains why I can take a few minutes to write this fascinating post for you all.

I leave for Mexico to see Fermin in 24 days. I’ve finally started to think about it and get excited. The New York Times ran a travel piece on the city of Puebla a few days ago and I’ve been scouring the Thorn Tree forum on the Lonely Planet site for stuff we can do around Fermin’s town.


The most intriguing right now is the small city of Cholula, which offers some spectacular views of the volcano Popocateptl, the second highest peak in Mexico. It’s also an ancient Mexican city with a lot of history to explore. El Popo (as the volcano is called) is visible all around Fermin’s state of Puebla, but I’m looking forward to getting some better shots of it this time.

And that’s about all that’s going on…. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


2 Responses to pause for just a moment

  1. Jack says:

    Nice try Laura, but we still expect you to bring your famous cheese cakes on T day.

  2. Laura says:

    Ahh.. no worries – I’m working on them right now in fact…

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