I really need to write a column, but I can’t focus. I guess I need to exhale a few random thoughts first.

Like, how about “Ugly Betty” winning the Golden Globe for best comedy and America Ferrara winning for best actress in a comedy? Way to Go. I love Ugly Betty, my co-worker and I agree it’s the best new show on tv. There is nothing like it.

Or, how about my birthday, where I got awesome gifts, like the Klipsch iGroove, which I have been wanting, and is the perfect way to listen to one’s iPod in their living area. Or, the entire Arrested Development DVD set, which I plan to watch until the DVDs are scratched and worn out and function no more.

And, how about this? I was listening to the interview on NPR the other day. The reporter was interviewing a brother and sister who had recently enlisted in the Marines. They were, I believe, 17 and 18-years-old. They were chatting, and then the reporter asked if the possibility of going to Iraq had been any sort of deterrent at all to their enlistment. The boy/man answered that it was not, that he felt the need to defend his country against the people who had attacked us on 9/11, and stressed how terrible what happened on 9/11 was. Then, the reporter asked, in a very even manner, if the man/boy thought that in going to Iraq he would be fighting the same people who had attacked us on 9/11. He said, hardly missing a beat, that he would be, and then went on to talk about how 9/11 cemented his feelings that he had to enlist. I mean, they really sounded like nice kids, but I was shocked that even kids, when asked very directly, could state that heading to Iraq would bring them in direct contact with the people who attacked us on 9/11.

I mean, I probably shouldn’t be shocked, but I just think it’s a great tragedy, how completely misled people are, probably by watching mostly television news and believing everything they hear.

Okay, maybe I can write my brilliant column now. Maybe.


4 Responses to procrastination

  1. Dad says:

    Well…., while one can make a legitimate debate about the pros and cons of going to Iraq in the first place, and about what to do now that we are there and Hussein is gone, I don’t think there is any question that some of the people we are fighting there now are Al Qieda (sp) and it was Al Qieda who attacked us on 9/11, so the boys/men are not misled.

  2. jennie says:

    Arrested Development is so hilarious! We’ve been catching up on Netflix. I can’t believe I didn’t know about that show for so long.

  3. laurafern says:

    NOW there are Al Qaida in Iraq, but they weren’t when we first went there. And it’s quite a tangent to argue that we went to Iraq in the first place in order to go after the people that attacked us on 9/11, because we went after them directly in Afghanistan, and that had nothing to with Iraq. The fact that there is now an Al Qaida in Iraq group has nothing to do with 9/11.

  4. Dad says:

    My point is only that the soldiers in the interview correctly believe that they will be fighting Al Qaida in Iraq. Hence they are not misled.

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