get something for nothing

A few weeks ago, I added a link to Adagio tea to my sidebar, after reading that fellow blogger Erika received a free tea sampler after adding the link to her sidebar. I bought a Teavana perfect tea maker a few months ago, and usually drink a few cups a day. Anyway, as much as I’m happy with my Teavana products, they’re a chain in upscale malls, and were a more organic, earthy alternative to exist for all my tea needs, I could probably be converted.

So today I received my green tea sampler, 4 small tins of green tea, for free! First of all, they sent me tins, which is nice because I can store other teas in them. Teavana charges extra for tins. Second of all, they sent a PERSONAL note – generic, but actually handwritten, with my name on it. Third, their tea seems to be cheaper than Teavana, and they have a very good selection.

So, just a little plug post for a company that offers a little something for nothing. Those of you who have blogs, add a link, and get some tea.


3 Responses to get something for nothing

  1. Rachel says:

    I love Adagio tea and completely agree with you about Teavanna. Adagio have some fantastic Rooisboos (sp?) tea which I can give you some samples. But Teavanna has the “To Life” tea you gave me for my wedding with the combination of red, white and green tea, which is now my favorite tea. Yeah tea!

  2. laurafern says:

    Yeah tea is right! My co-worker is going to order a bunch of samples – I’m so excited to try some more of their stuff…

  3. I found your blog by accident, searching for Teavanna. I’m new in the “Tea World” and just bought the perfect tea maker and some tea to try. My first cup was great, second cup actually turned bitter after sitting for 20 minutes. (Not seeping, I just didn’t get to finish it nearly as fast as the first cup and was sipping on it for more than 20 minutes.)

    Thanks for the link though on Adagio teas. I’m going to check them out.

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