I had a rather non-controversial, non-exciting column published today. If anyone is interested, here’s the link. This has been a bit of an issue lately in Milwaukee. Details about some of the stuff going on are at this link. More interesting writing later.


2 Responses to column

  1. Catiana says:

    Hi Laura! I intended to write to you some time ago, mainly to tell you that I am really enjoying reading your blog! I also want you to know that I think you are a very sensible and open person with a lot of common sense! Keep up the good work!!

    I figured your article was a good place for me to comment! Here is a quote from you: “And by the way, I know I sound about three times my age right now, but when I was in high school, we coordinated rides home with our parents at night, or before school, and lived to tell about it.” This part made me laugh, because I would say, “You sound like you are MY age!” and I know you’re just a youngster!!

    Looking forward to more… 😉

  2. laurafern says:

    Hi Catiana – good to hear from you. Thanks for the comment! I’m always happy to have comments, as well as know that people enjoy my writing.

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