strange web happenings

You find the strangest things via the internet.

I’ve become the type of blogger who looks over my site stats every few days. Today I had a strange “referrer,” as it’s called, basically the link to the site where some unknown person linked to my site.

Apparently, if you go to and put in Qdoba Mexican Grill, halfway down the first page, there is a link to the one time a while ago I actually mentioned the name of my formerly full-time employer. Sort of odd. And apparently someone, who Qdoba, decided to check out my blog.

There was also a link to one of an immigration-related yet creepily blank advertising/links pages, where apparently my site pops up on occasion.

Then there are the usual linkers, Mary’s site, Mark’s site, Jennie’s site.

While it’s fun to have friends, I also discovered an apparently well-known joy of gmail today. Gmail always seems to have a disturbingly right-on link at the top of all their pages. So today I was e-mailing with a friend about skiing, and it gave me a link to an online ski shop, or whenever my dad and I e-mail spar about politics, there is a link to some political site.

But, what I never realized, is that inside one’s spam folder, there is always a recipe for Spam, that’s the right, the one with the capital “S.” My co-worker informed me this afternoon that this was way old news, but I still had to giggle at “toasted golden Spam cakes” or tonight’s “Spam imperial tortilla sandwiches.” I clicked on one too, it actually takes you to a recipe site!


2 Responses to strange web happenings

  1. jennie says:

    I think it would freak me out if I used Gmail and saw subject-appropriate advertising…Yuck! Isn’t email the one thing that’s supposed to be private?

    That’s hilarious about the recipe for Spam, though…We used to have that when we were kids and we thought it was SO good. I can’t imagine eating it now.

  2. laurafern says:

    Well, the thing is, in Gmail, it’s just a link to something, it’s not like a big ad showing up in your inbox, it’s rather unintrusive, at least I think so. I guess it is a little creepy, but I don’t mind.

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