sunsets and daquiris await

Well, how about a little Caribbean escape to blot out my recent bouts of white American guilt and inner searching?

Fermin and I have been discussing a rendevouz in Acapulco ever since I came back from Mexico in December, and armed with a nice commission check yesterday and a surprise $350 flight find this morning, it’s really going to happen.

The best part — I leave in 10 days!


This trip will be much more vacation-like than my last, where we hung out mostly in the small-town atmosphere of Libres, doing day trips to many rather un-touristy locations, but we’re staying at what appears to be a charming old-school Acapulco hotel and looking forward to beautiful sunsets and relaxation.


3 Responses to sunsets and daquiris await

  1. mary says:

    are you kidding me??? i am so ridiculuosly jealous!!! LUCKY!!!

  2. laurafern says:

    I know — so excited!

  3. […] grind, random thoughts. trackback It’s not even March yet, but since my mind is already in Acapulco with Fermin, and when I return we will have thankfully left February behind, so it might as well […]

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