marching along

It’s not even March yet, but since my mind is already in Acapulco with Fermin, and when I return we will have thankfully left February behind, so it might as well be.


March is a crappy month in Wisconsin, but to me it signals the start of something good. There isn’t warm weather, or flowers or birds, but the name sure makes it sounds like spring.

March is when department stores get rid of coats and start carrying swimsuits, it’s when I receive my seed catalogs and the snow sometimes melts, but only to be replaced by new, fresher snow a few days later. In March though, this could be the last snowstorm, you never know.


Speaking of seeds, last year I had a disappointing experience starting seeds in my under-insulated upstairs bedroom without enough light, so this year, I’ll be back to buying all my plants from the West Allis Farmer’s Market. Those seed catalogs make me think about making mojitos with my own fresh mint and a pizza with a jiffy crust, fresh-picked tomatoes and basil drizzled in olive oil. Paradise.

This will be my third year of gardening, and if I wasn’t so lazy, I would probably dig up my whole crappy brick patio and turn it into a bigger garden. I would produce enough tomatoes for my whole Mexican family, grow five kinds of basil, four types of chili peppers, and all the veggies I will use for stir-fries for the whole summer.

I’m also looking forward to starting a compost bin. With a full house, we make a lot of food waste, that could turn into wonderful matter to aid my already remarkably fertile soil.

It’s going to snow a foot tonight — so why am I writing about gardening anyway? Back to reality, February, and a snowy evening working at Qdoba.


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