friday afternoon boredom

The last few months I’ve been helping a friend out with her web site, which is kind of humorous, because I know next to nothing about web design. She was looking for a simple, cheap way to get a nice-looking web site to help start up her personal chef business, and after talking it over with a few people, she decided to try to use a blog format.

I love wordpress, especially after using blogger, and had just had enough experience with the basics of it to help her along. It turned into more work than expected, but it was a great project to jump-start my desire to learn a little more html and CSS. During this process, I decided to purchase my own CSS upgrade, so I can play around with my own site here and there. Moral of the story, you may be seeing construction for a while. Oh, and please check out our handiwork at your leasure, especially if you are needing a personal chef in Milwaukee.

What I really wanted to share with anyone reading this late Friday afternoon, however, is the beauty of dooce. I discovered dooce a few months ago after checking out the links on Rachel‘s page, and was instantly impressed with her exquisitely crafted wit and sarcasm. I’ve been hooked on her blog ever since.

Yesterday, after having a crappy day at work, when I realized I was not getting nearly the commission check I expected (long, irritating story), I read her new post on hate mail (she gets like 100,000 hits a day or something ridiculous like that). I made the mistake of sipping water as I read and almost spit it all over my keyboard a few times. My co-workers were also stressed out about the commission situation, so I happily introduced them to dooce, so they could laugh out loud at their desks too. So, if you need a laugh, a little pick-me-up, please enjoy.

Disclaimer: dooce is both irreverant and at times vulgar, and I love every word of it!


One Response to friday afternoon boredom

  1. jennie says:

    I’ve been reading Dooce for a long time. I love how balanced her website it is – Her letters to her daughter don’t come across as too sappy because her site is full of irreverence and vulgarity, as you mentioned. She’s great.

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