…until the world improves

I just watched an incredible movie. I’ve been writing an immigration feature the last few days and between the day job and Qdoba, I’ve been really busy. Tonight, as I’ve turned in the story, I’m relaxing with some red wine and my latest Blockbuster arrival. This article is not an opinion column, like I write for the Journal Sentinel, but an actual newsy feature. It’s kind of a big deal because it’s the first non-opinion piece I have ever had published.

Anyway, I occasionally put movies in my Blockbuster online queue that I know nothing about, just because I like one of the actors, or the director. I’m not sure when I added “Dirty Pretty Things,” but I know I didn’t realize it was about the underground lives of illegal immigrants in London.

So, ironically, the film is about my pet topic, the issue I know most about politically, yet set in another land, where, if the things in this movie are based on the truth, the situation for illegal immigrants is far more dangerous and unstable.

The film, starring Amelie‘s Audrey Taotou and British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor is dark and deeply moving, but not so overwhelming that you finish with a sinking sickness in your stomach, which is how I feel when I see certain movies about politics, religion, and the sad state of certain places and peoples of the world. In addition, the characters are colorful and sympathetic, and by the end, you are cheering for both their sorrows and triumphs.

Oh, and I should add, I pulled the words for this title from the character Guo Yi in the movie.


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