Happy Birthday Fermin!

We’re not big birthday celebrators, but that’s definitely worth mentioning. Too bad I can’t participate in the Mexican tradition of stealthily pushing your face into the butter cream this year. Next year though, you better watch out!

You know I would send you a card, or a present, but it would get stuck in customs, and the card would be made in China so it wouldn’t get through, and they would require I fax in the same commercial invoice for $10 of goods five times, and then, unsatisfied, they rifle through the package and read the card and then just send it back. And then I would have wasted yet another $70 on Fedex’s super-reliable international shipping.

In other news, I’ve taken a few days off from obsessively reading immigration blogs and other mostly bad news that I find on the internet about immigration reform, and taken to playing a little text-based role-playing game called Kingdom of Loathing, introduced to my by my co-worker. I’ve never been into video games, but this is a really good way to pass time during those slow times of the day. It has little in common with the violence or intensity of the games my dad and brother play, and the wit and humor of it has held my interest at least for a few days.

Time for the weekend!


6 Responses to Happy Birthday Fermin!

  1. Jennie says:

    Happy birthday, Fermin!

  2. jack Bruss says:

    Happy birthday, Fermin. Hope to see you soon.

    And BTW, Laura, the game I am currently playing may be a bit violent, but when one is charged with the burden of saving the world of Irollien from demons, necromancers, and barbarians, a bit of violence is unfortunately mandatory if one is to survive to save the good people. However, you and most of your readers can rest assured that evil guns do not exist in Irollien, the weapons of choice being mainly bows, arrows, magic spells, and the hot breath of dragons.

  3. laurafern says:

    Good one dad. 🙂

  4. lois bruss says:

    Happy Birthday Fermin – you’re missed here in Milwaukee !
    Hope we hear some good news soon regarding your immigration.

  5. Kayla, the best sister ever says:

    I didn’t know! No one told me. 😦
    Tell him I said Happy Birthday!

  6. laurafern says:

    Kayla — I’m sure he’ll appreciate that! How’s the job?

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