thoughts on immigration from home (and away)

In the last few days the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel featured a number of immigration-related columns, in preparation for tomorrow’s march and rally downtown in support of comprehensive reform. I will be there, supporting the rights of my family and friends who have been employed in this country for many years, and also working on a commentary for the Thursday paper.

For your reading pleasure: Dan Banda, a former Journal Sentinel community columnist and documentary maker, commented on why he hopes this year’s march will matter; Rachel Ida Buff, a history teacher at UWM, wrote about the human realities of the immigration debate; and current fellow community columnist Vivian Roe, reaffirms her position as my complete opposite among the current columnist group with this commentary on the rights of undocumented immigrants to hold a rally.

Edit: I was just reading some news on the Washington Post, and found this interesting commentary on all the “Lazy, job-stealing immigrants.” Hehe. I like his take on the costs of border security against what we might be “saving” when it comes to the alleged wage decreases as well as the fact that he points out that incarceration and unemployment rates are actually significantly lower among immigrants as compared with native-born Americans.

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