escape from immigration

There’s a hilarious column today on by Bill Maher. The basic point is the irony of poking fun at France and the French considering how influenced the founding fathers were by French intellectualism. Here are my favorite snippets, but you should really read it here.

“America isn’t ranked anywhere near first in anything except military might and snotty billionaires. The country that is ranked No. 1 in healthcare, for example, is France. The World Health Organization ranks America at 37 in the world — not two, or five — 37, in between Costa Rica and Slovenia, which are both years away from discovering dentistry.”

“For example, France just had an election, and people over there approach an election differently. They vote. Eighty-five percent turned out. The only thing 85 percent of Americans ever voted on was Sanjaya.

(We really are so pathetic in this sense).

“France has 20,000 miles of railroads that work. We have the trolley at the mall that takes you from Pottery Barn to the Gap. It has bullet trains. We have bullets. France has public intellectuals. We have Dr. Phil.”


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