Democratic Don Quixote

There’s an interesting article on today about Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson, still my favorite candidate, for a number of reasons. It’s not an entirely positive article; there is mention of his apparent bumbling in front of Tim Russert on Meet the Press, and the fact that he has changed his mind (or his rhetoric) on a number of things lately. But personally, I’d like a real human for President, someone who can admit they are wrong when they are and doesn’t take cronyism to unbelievable extremes.

Check out the Editor’s Choice comments below the article as well. There is a discussion of Richardson’s possible emergence as a VP candidate, which considering his lagging behind Clinton, Obama and Edwards, might be his best shot.

I still believe Richardson is the sort of candidate who can unite Americans, who will appeal to enough Conservatives that he will actually be able to get stuff done. It seems he could even gather consensus about getting out of Iraq, or universal health care, issues that no matter what, will require the backing of Democrats and RepublicasBut he’s still liberal in many reasonable, workable ways. He’s gotten a lot accomplished in New Mexico, and his foreign policy experience is hard to beat.

You never know what will happen in the next year, whether one of the major candidates will blunder badly enough to take themselves out of the race, giving Richardson a chance, or whether he will become an excellent ticket companion. Hmm… Obama-Richardson, or maybe, Gore-Richardson? Whew, now that is kind of exciting.


3 Responses to Democratic Don Quixote

  1. richmx2 says:

    I’m not an “out of the closet” Richardson supporter on the Mex Files, but I’m reconsidering my decision not to take sides in the U.S. presidential election.

    He’s a neighbor… and my part of Texas has more in common with New Mexico than with, say… Dallas. Senators generally don’t win the presidency (I think John Kennedy is the only exception in the last 100 years or so), where Governors do. And Richardson, despite his “Mexico connection” has the traditional background of a president — a well-heeled old banking family, cabinet and ambassadorial experience and a governorship. Sort of Franklin Roosevelt’s background (and Teddy’s for that matter). Being from a western state can’t hurt.

    And, New Mexico being a state where the Ds and Rs are about evenly matched, he’s proved that he can win over Rs and independents.

    That, and I gotta like a guy with a sense of humor. I loved his ads which had him filling out a job application for president of the United States, and being told “you might be overqualified.”

    I’ve been wrong before, but I think that with the election cycle getting longer and longer, the “big boys” (and Hillary) may knock themselves out before we get anywhere near the nominating process.

    I know a lot of us support one or the others on single issues, but Richardson seems to have the best overall package. Sure, I’m bound to be bothered by inconsistencies and less-than-ideal positions over the campaign, but I don’t believe campaign promises anyway.

    Besides, Richardson looks more like America… overweight and browner than we used to be 🙂

    Gee, I’m not being partisan, am I?

  2. hans says:

    Laurita, dime…si tuviera que ganar un candidato republicano, cual seria tu escogencia?
    Espero que estes bien,

  3. laurafern says:

    Aye, quien sabe? De veras casi no estoy pagando atencion a los candidatos republicanos todavia. No puedo imaginar una situacion en que preferia uno de los candidatos republicanos mas que cualquier de los democratos.

    (please, everyone, excuse my child-like Spanish)

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