stay out of Waukegan

Yesterday my sister-in-law, who lives with us and works for one of Milwaukee’s largest locally owned and Hispanic-run companies, mentioned that a Mexican-born truck driver for their company was stopped at a weigh station in Waukegan, Illinois and questioned about his immigration status.

According to her, as the driver was going about whatever business goes on in weighing large trucks, the officer asked for his driver’s license, which he provided, and then asked for his green card. The driver, who has lived in Milwaukee for more than 15 years, is apparently in the process of applying for legalization (although I don’t understand through what means that is possible). When he failed to provide proof of permanent residency, he was asked to go into another room. A few minutes later immigration officials arrived.

He was detained for two days in what sounds like an immigrant detention center (although I’m unsure there is one in Waukegan), and then released on bail (which makes me think he must have an employment-based petition pending through this aforementioned company). Still, does a weigh station officer have the right to request a truck driver’s immigration documents? I did discover that Waukegan deports a “staggering” number of illegally present immigrants. Next up, chasing people who look “foreign” down in the grocery store, asking for their social security numbers.


6 Responses to stay out of Waukegan

  1. Beth says:

    I came across your blog because I googled “what happened to immigrate2us” and this site came up. I remember reading some of your entries. I can’t find the server. Do you know what is happening?

  2. laurafern says:

    Hi Beth —

    It’s funny — WordPress actually lists the search engine terms that people have used to land on my site, and there have been a number in the last few days similar to that! I’ve also gotten a load of e-mails.

    Anyway, word is that they are moving to a new, faster server. It’s been a long few days though. According to Marie, they should be up and running soon. In any case, it’s a temporary thing.

  3. Another Beth says:

    Finally info on I2US! I knew you would have the answer Laura Fern. “See” you when we are up and running again!

  4. laurafern says:

    Well Beth 1 & 2, thanks for reading — what are your I2us names?

  5. Another Beth says:

    Love reading your articles Laura. I’m epm525. Any news on the site? I somehow got on for a second a couple of days ago, but I couldn’t read anything.

  6. laurafern says:

    Sadly no — no updates…. have you been on the Juarez forum?

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