road trip (with maps!)

Well, as anyone who’s been around here awhile knows, Fermin (my Poblano Mexicano husband), has been in his hometown since August, waiting for processing of our I-601 waiver of visa inadmissibility. We were approved on May 4th, and I received notice on May 11th.

A star over Libres, Puebla

July 10, just a few weeks away, has his second appointment at the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, the sister city (over the border) with El Paso, Texas. I have decided to drive down for the appointment, stay in Juarez for the two days we will need to be there, and then we’ll take a scenic route through New Mexico and southern Colorado before heading back to Wisconsin. Yes we know it will be a LOT of driving, and that I am not saving any money compared to flying.


Journey I: me, myself, my Elantra hatchback, and my iPod.

I’m hoping to leave Friday afternoon July 6, drive to St. Louis, and stay overnight. In the morning I’ll take some photos of the Arch and drive for about 12 hours. I’ll stay somewhere in Texas, then drive the final 6 hours Sunday morning. Fermin will arrive in Ciudad Juarez about the same time I will, which will work out well.

We’ll get to meet my internet-friend Adriane and her husband, who are living in Ciudad Juarez, and spend most of Monday just hanging around. Tuesday, assuming all goes well, we’ll get the visa and spend the night somewhere in El Paso.


Journey II: Quickly see some Southwest highlights

Then comes the fun. I don’t want to book any hotels because the “what ifs” are still gnawing at the back of my mind, but we’ll have a few days to leisurely drive through New Mexico, stay in Taos, I decided tonight, and then head to Colorado Springs. By Saturday we’ll have to be heading back to Wisconsin, so it’s definitely a very short trip, but it’ll be fun to hang out and see some of the country’s most beautiful places (even if a lot of it will be by car). If I had vacation time, I’d use it now, but I’m already taking an unpaid week to do this trip, so that’s all I can afford.


Journey III: Through the corn, back to the Midwest.

Then we’ll be back. We’ll hopefully surprise his family that is here on Sunday, and then start life, back to normal.

As an aside, I’m hoping to meet some people with some interesting stories around the Consulate, so I’ll definitely be attempting to take a little time out for blogging. No guarantees though.


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