Hitting a wall

Salon.com, one of my favorite online news sources, ran an immigration article yesterday. They don’t cover it much, but this is a pretty good take on the issues surrounding the whole bill:

“So on the eve of the first make-or-break test vote in the Senate, it is tempting to wonder about the haste to pass immigration legislation now, with a narrowly divided Congress and a weakened president. With the passions raised by right-wing talk radio and anti-immigration TV zealots like Lou Dobbs, there would appear to be a robust argument for waiting for a more opportune moment to attempt to liberalize the nation’s immigration laws.

But this calculus does not take into consideration the larger symbolic stakes in this week’s battle on the Senate floor. If the immigration bill fails, the anti-immigrant right will claim a major victory and ratchet up their rhetoric about sealing the border. As Simon Rosenberg, the president of the New Democratic Network who has championed the importance of the Hispanic vote for Democrats, puts it, “For the good of the country, it would be important for us to pass immigration reform to prevent us from going through two more years of divisive, racist rhetoric.”‘ — Walter Shapiro

Read Hitting a wall on immigration in its entirety here.

I can appreciate the difficulty in waiting another few years for a reform bill, but I’m opposed to many fundamental parts of the current S. 1639. I also feel it is disingenuous for progressives everywhere to support this bill simply because it’s the supposed best we can do. It’s not the best we can do. More on that later.


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