Ya estoy

Well, I made it. I started out this morning from Wichita Falls, heading south and west along relatively deserted country roads to get to Interstate 20 near Abilene, Texas. For three hours, as I passed through a number of tiny Texas towns, I saw but one human being, other than the occasional other driver. I suppose most people in rural Texas are at church on Sunday morning, but there didn´t seem to be any life around the churches either. Mostly dusty towns, cows and ranches, repeat.

As soon as I got to the Interstate, the drive worsened. Besides the flat, dull landscape, all around me were the signs of the oil industry. There were fields of oil wells, their hammer heads turning, even on Sunday morning. I passed several refineries and one crazy looking place with a huge, bright, constantly burning flame. It was all a little surreal. These large, industrial, inhuman structures creep me out, and I wanted to get past Midland and Odessa as quickly as possible.

The drive improved as I passed Pecos and headed into a far more scenic route through the mountains along the border and approaching El Paso. All would have been delightfully pleasant had I not driven straight into a storm rife with lightning and downpour. I was pretty sure my car was going to get hit by lightning, and both Fermin and my friend Sara assured me I would not die if my car was struck by lightning. Rubber tires.

Eventually, I reached El Paso, and easily crossed the border into Ciudad Juarez. I didn´t even need my passport or any identification, I got the green light and passed on through.

More tomorrow.


8 Responses to Ya estoy

  1. richmx2 says:

    Hey, you should have stopped by…Alpine is only just down the road from Pecos… but around here 60 miles is considered “just down the road”

  2. lois bruss says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you made it safe & sound. I thought of you so many times this weekend. Looking forward to hearing more from you today……Mom

  3. laurafern says:

    Haha… I didn´t know that Rich!

  4. Adrianne says:

    Do you find any irony in the fact that your blog is called “one step closer”? I hope your final step in this journey goes smoothly. I’ll be thinking about you all day tomorrow!

  5. Gabacha Yucateca says:

    Best of luck, mamita!

  6. So how come you didn’t stop and pick up an FMT? Presumably, you have a visa for Mexico so you won’t fear deportation, fines or payment of mordidas to avoid either?

  7. Gabacha Yucateca says:

    No need for an FMT when entering Juarez or any other border area.

  8. laurafern says:

    Eddie – as GY said, no visa needed to spend a few days in a border town.

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