Juntos en Santa Fe

I haven’t had internet access in our Ciudad Juarez hotel, and it’s been a long, excellent day, so I’ll make this brief and expand tomorrow.

Everything went perfectly!!!

We got the visa, crossed the border, and are back in the U.S., in lovely Santa Fe. Tomorrow we’ll got to Taos for a day or two and then possibly just head back. We’ve got our nephew’s second birthday celebration to attend, and I’m about car-ed out by now.

Thanks to everyone for their support and good vibes. If anyone is interested, I’ve posted more details on immigrate2us.net here, but for those of you with no connection to the immigration process, it might be a bore.

Time for sleeping.


4 Responses to Juntos en Santa Fe

  1. lois bruss says:

    Laura & Fermin
    I’m so happy to hear that everything went well. Looking forward to seeing Fermin – it’s been a long time. Sounds like you may be back in Milwaukee sometime this weekend. Great News ! !

  2. Andrea says:

    Been following your journey with bated breath. I’m so happy it all went well and that you two are back in the US – congratulations!!!! – ~Andrea (wanaads on i2us)

  3. Gabacha Yucateca says:

    Yay! I’ll head over to I2US, as those immigration details fascinate me!

    We got married in Santa Fe! Had I known that you were stopping there, I would have recommended you eat at Gabriel’s, which is on a road leading north out of Santa Fe.

    If you do happen to see this, go around sunset…it’s gorgeous and we loved the food. Excellent prices and even more excellent margaritas.

  4. Jennie says:

    So glad it went smoothly.

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