The Bill Richardson difference

Still my favorite underdog, Bill Richardson is featured in a feature today, and an entire interview done by the online magazine’s Walter Shapiro can be found here.

I really like this article, and I’ve really enjoyed watching Richardson’s slow ascension as a candidate. As the article mentions, he’s now in third place behind Clinton and Obama in New Hampshire polling. Of course it’s really questionable what these polls mean six months from the actual primary season, but an improvement in the polls is still an improvement.

What continually draws me to Richardson is the “authenticity” factor that Shapiro mentions. I really like that he doesn’t sound like a well-oiled campaign machine, and occasionally blurts out an idea that hasn’t been completely thought out. I’ve been thinking about my contempt for George W. Bush’s manner of speaking with my affection for Richardson’s, and I believe that difference is that Bush often comes off like an asshole when he strays from his teleprompter, where Richardson seems like a person who continually has good ideas, of which I am a huge fan.

Even more, I like that he is admittedly still developing his views on national policy, and unlike other candidates, does not feel the need to hold staunch, rigid policy stances before even reaching office. I think with Richardson, we are electing someone with an excellent record as a public official, a trustworthy person that will do the right thing, even if he doesn’t have an answer for what that is in every situation at this moment. He’s moderate enough to garner a large base and be popular and well-liked among liberals and conservatives, which I believe our nation desperately needs right now.


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