I totally have writer’s block right now — I should let anyone still lurking around here these mid-summer days.

There is news on immigration, but it’s really hard for me to analyze anything going on with that issue right now. I know I have not made good use of the last few months I had available to write for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, but every time I think about writing a quippy 600-word column about immigration or local politics a sort of dull nausea rises up in me. These seasons, when I can’t write, or perhaps it is just when I do not write, are what terrifies me about ever writing in some sort of professional capacity.

I’m still very active on immigrate2us, and every day it seems someone shows up there who has some terrible, sometimes irreversible immigration issues. Many had no idea what they were getting into when they married, and are just finding out, for example, that their spouse is not eligible for legalization for 10 years.

We are so damn lucky. More on this later.

This weekend we had a birthday party for my 2-year-old nephew Carlos at our house. I would say this was our best party. The food was fantastic, from the chicken purchased quite reasonably from the local Tower Chicken Farm, to the made-from-scratch (and mailed Mexican chiles) mole poblano (rich, spicy, bittersweet and delicious), to the rice that we bought at the last minute from El Rey. There were kids running in and out of the house, speaking English and Spanish — one who asked me, after I told him that Fermin and I were married, “when are you going to get that thing, you know, when you get really fat and the baby grows inside you?” Yes, I swear this kid said that to me, in English, verbatim.

Otherwise, there are ripe, straight-from-the-vine tomatoes to be eaten, books to be read, dinners to plan, weddings to buy gifts for… there is the State Fair to attend, and it’s still the busiest time of the year at work, and the sun calls me outside and spending time with my husband draws me away from the computer.


2 Responses to distractions

  1. Jennie says:

    My nephew keeps asking where my baby is, too – I guess his parents explained that you don’t have children until you are married, and he knows I’m married so, logically, I should have a baby.

  2. Jeff Davis says:

    I sympathize with your difficulty writing lately. I work in a library, and I have met some writers who are doing research. It seems that the writers have to be really driven individuals to write consistently. One author has written several books, and I asked about his method of writing. He tries to write every day, and that is pretty regimented. Moreover, the writers I have met apparently do not have many family responsibilities. They are either single or retired, so they have more time to write.

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