still living

Well, I’ve been pretty quiet for a while, haven’t I?

I may be out of my writing slump, as I finally just finished another, or possibly my last, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel community column. I’ll post it in a few days or as soon as it’s published in the paper.

It’s been one year since my term as a community columnist started, and any week now there will be a new group. I wish I wouldn’t have been so flaky about it the last few months, but I’ve been busy getting back to life with a husband, and summer is a pretty busy time for selling vaccines, so I just haven’t had as much time to read and process and form opinions, particularly on local issues.

In addition, every day that passes without an update on great blogs like Migra Matters, I become a little more sad about the state, or lack thereof, of any sort of immigration discussion in this country. Despite the amazing writing of activists and commentators like Kyle, Man Eegee and others, much of the discussion remains tainted by the buzz words “border security,” “amnesty,” and “illegal aliens.” Politicians want to do something popular, but the country is so divided on the issue that nothing is really “popular.” What happened to doing what is right? What happened to doing what is best for our nation?

So what is one to do? I’ve been keeping busy on I’ve noticed a glut of people in the same situation as Fermin and I, landing on the site after being let down when no immigration bill passed. Now they will begin the long, tedious journey of petitioning their spouse, filing a waiver, etc. I think it’s good karma to give back, so I try to give advice based on my experience and what I’ve read.

That’s about all that’s going on in my world right now. On a completely unrelated note, I found this cool quiz – for the Milwaukeeans in my readership – you might enjoy this.


2 Responses to still living

  1. kyledeb says:

    Great Post Laura!

    It’s always good to read your words again. The U.S., the world, is in a sad state of affairs right now, especially with respect to migrants. Have no fear, though, because justice will prevail, and history will remember us as being on the right side.

  2. lois bruss says:

    “What happened to doing what is right ?” – I believe this is such an important thing I need to always keep in mind no matter what the issue or circumstance. It makes my life simpler if I just do “what is right”.

    Happy to hear your say ” I think it’s good karma to give back, so I try to give advice based on my experience and what I’ve read.” Yours and Fermin’s experience may help someone else.

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