Immigration Orange Lessons

I want to direct attention to some really fantastic essays that Kyle has written over at Immigration Orange.

I thought I posted links to the first three the other day, but it turns out I only posted those on immigrate2us, not here.

So here goes:

#1 The correct term is migrant

This is probably true – although I don’t personally feel the need to redefine the terminology of the debate. However, I see this as a way to chip away at the American attitude that foreigners are dying to come to the great U.S. of A. because they want to be Americans. Sure, a few do — many more just want to work. Let me repeat – they are migrating to work – not setting out to permanently immigrate.

#2 Justice for migrants

“Anti-migrant advocates like to put “the law” on a sacred pedestal, while they completely divorce “the law” from justice. The law and its application, need I remind everyone, is supposed to serve justice.”

#3 ‘I am pro-legal immigrant’ and ignorant

I’ve argued this point many times before. The average American believes there actually is a legal method for poor and working-class people to enter the U.S. legally. This is false in almost all cases. Legal immigration is basically reserved for: immediate family of U.S. citizens and people who have a job offer from the U.S. company that is willing to go through the time-consuming process of filing for their employment permanent residence forms. Farmers and restaurant owners do not do these sort of applications for $8 per hour employees.

#4 ‘No Amnesty’ except for Cubans

Nothing against Cubans – but why are they allowed what basically amounts to amnesty? There are certainly worse-off nations, as Kyle points out, such as Haiti.

#5 ‘America First’ makes U.S. citizens suffer

Citizens argue for the protection of the U.S. no matter what the consequences for the rest of the world. To some, this might seem to be a noble and patriotic position to take. But the truth is that the health and prosperity of the United States and its citizens is inextricably intertwined with the health and prosperity of the rest of the world.”

Amen, amen, amen.

I wish I could say things this well.

Thanks Kyle for this series.


2 Responses to Immigration Orange Lessons

  1. kyledeb says:

    Hey Laura,

    Thanks for advertising this. I hear you on the necessity of the term migrant. I was just tired of having the conversation, “they’re illegal immigrants NOT migrants.” Since I prefer the term I had to defend it. It also makes it easier to say a group is anti-migrant or pro-migrant. I just think it shifts the debate closer to reality is all.

    I really appreciate your support regarding these lessons. Some forums have been downright hostile to them. I’ve all but lost my footing on Blue Mass. Group. People on Daily Kos are divided. Thanks again for posting these.

    Much Love

  2. laurafern says:

    Yeah, I do like how you use the term migrants – I am definitely annoyed with people saying – ‘they are “illegal immigrants” not “undocumented workers”‘ – sort of the same deal. The Milwaukee paper usually uses the term “undocumented” immigrant or worker…

    I’ll have to check out those other sites more often. I know Daily Kos is an important blog – but I get sort of annoyed reading it, so I stopped. 🙂

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