Horribly sad but true


Click on the picture to enlarge.

Thanks to my co-worker Joel for forwarding this to me.

7 Responses to Horribly sad but true

  1. lois bruss says:

    I have to agree with your title of “Horribly sad but true” even though the map is somewhat exagerated. I believe many Americans actually think in this very narrow view point. The fact that George Bush was re-elected as president shows your statement is true for many US citizens.

  2. Adrianne says:

    Oh my gosh! I really needed a pick-me-up today and that sure helped. I love it so much I can’t even decide if it’s more humorous that Africa is completely missing or that some Americans think “We r #1”.

    Still laughing…

  3. hansroberts says:

    I think Americans’ opinion of Europe–besides “pussies” is, “I want to go there!”

  4. laurafern says:

    Haha – very true!

  5. jack Bruss says:

    Right – that’s why you hear so much about the long lines of people waiting to immigrate to France, Germany, and Spain. That’s also why millions of illegals pour into those countries, because they have so much to offer, like high unemployment and Government run everything. Yes, that explains why your “huddled masses” are pouring into Europe. Oh, wait a minute – they are pouring into the US. Maybe they understand the opportunities here better than some people already here do.

  6. laurafern says:

    I think Hans was referring to the back-packing mentality, not immigration. But apart from that, there are a LOT of immigrants to France, Spain and Great Britain, for example, they just come from Eastern European countries and Northern Africa. People are lining up to go there for the same reasons Mexicans come here, availability of jobs and proximity!

  7. Jeff Davis says:

    There are nowhere near as many immigrants trying to get into those countries versus the millions of people coming into the United States with or without authorization. Moreover, some of those European countries actually try to enforce immigration laws. Wow! What a concept!

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