Remember a few months back when I posted a photo of some tomatoes, admittedly not my photo, when I had my first few ripe tomatoes of the year?

Well, apparently you shouldn’t do that. Today I had a comment on that post from a very angry person who e-shouted at me about not stealing his/her photos from flickr. I immediately deleted the original post with the photo and sent a personal apology via e-mail, and then discovered I had an inordinate amount of hits on my site from today. I found that a lot of the the hits came from a flickr page where I, among others, was discussed as having admittedly “stolen” the photo from flickr, but that I was not yet added to the official list of “thieves” and that my flickr account had not yet been terminated. This seemed like a major travesty. WTF?

So I logged into flickr, and posted an apology on that forum, apologizing and asking why I wasn’t contacted, considering this was really just ONE PHOTO and I am obviously not stealing and posting on my blog left and right. For the record, I would understand the reaction if my site were full of such photos, but I rarely even post photos. That apology post was either blocked or deleted, for who knows what reason. I then received an e-mail response from the person who apparently took the photo and posted the original comment, lecturing me for a while about the thievery. But I really didn’t know that photos on flickr, which that are readily available for anyone’s download could be copyrighted. I understand now. It won’t happen again. Please stop the hating.
And I really wish I were here right now:


And yes, of course, this is my own photo.


5 Responses to Criminal

  1. john calypso says:

    How ridiculous that someone would take you to task for a photo – they should be flattered. I too occasionally place a photo taken by another.

    Our Blogs are but scrap books or diaries of our lives – albeit electronic. Now if I cut a photo out of a magazine or whatever and pasted it in my diary would I be taken to task for misuse of another’s work – jeeeeez

    These people need to get a life!


  2. laurafern says:

    Watch out John! You could be next! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well for someone cutting photos out of magazines and pasting them in their diary to say “get a life” is kinda funny.

    I think the problem they had (and a few of them have a lot) is that the photo you posted was not linked back to the flickr site. Yea it was just a picture of some cherry tomatoes but it was still their picture. It’s like someone taking your entries from your blog and putting them on their blog as their own. I’ve seen a profile from somebody on copied and used on a flickr users site. (from different people of course.)

    And you’ve disabled the log option for your flickr photos?

  4. laurafern says:

    I should say, me the my victim (probably the person commenting above) have since ironed out our issues. I do understand there are legitimate copyright issues and there are people and organizations that have stolen photos and used them for commercial uses with no regard for the original artist. But I’m clearly not that person either. The frustrating part is that I was labeled a thief on a public forum and then got a whole bunch of hits on my site for people who read that forum. Oh well, it’s over… I’m not sure what the anonymous commenter is talking about with disabling my log option… care to explain?

  5. Lisa says:

    Who knew flickr users could be so cruel?

    I mean all that over a photo of tomatoes. Imagine what could’ve happened if you nabbed a watermelon pic!

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